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Do you need halal availability?
Which area are you interested in?
To observe world heritage temples (such as Kinkakuji and Kiyomizudera), or Japanese traditional festivals. To visit season’s beauty spots such as cherry blossoms in Heian Jingu and autumn leaves of Arashiyama. To experience tea ceremony. To enjoy Kyoto’s vegetarian foods.
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To observe Osaka castle, Shitennoji. To visit Universal Studio Japan, world class aquarium Kaiyukan or Dotonbori. Walking and shopping around Doguyasuji (shopping street). To enjoy Osaka’s various dishes (meat, fish and everything).
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To observe world heritage temples (Todaiji, Horyuji, etc.). To visit Dorokyou, Yoshino/Kumano/Koyasan. To experience tea ceremony.
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*In addition to above, we can make various trip plans adjusted to your wish including Tokyo

What kind of thing are you interested in?
Want to enjoy Japanese culture
Samurai and tea ceremony experiences in Kyoto, Ninja experience in Iga/Kouga (Mie pref.), surf fishing experience in Wakayama, watching traditional performing arts (such as Kabuki), watching Sumo wrestling, hot spring experience.
Want to enjoy Japanese nature
Cherry blossoms in Yoshino/Kumano, thick forests/canyons, beautiful sawtooth coastline of Iseshima and brilliant green, mountain stream and colored leaves of Iyakei (Tokushima pref.), skiing experience at Winter Rokko
Want to see Japanese technology/art work
Cutting knife museum in Sakai, incense stick factory in Awaji Island, Pearl museum in Iseshima, family Buddhist altar factory in Shiga pref., Ceramic ware in Fukui pref., lacquer ware factory observations